Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kuranda Scenic Railway

Kuranda Station is a Heritage Listed Federation style station.  Completed in 1915 when has lighting was installed, t is the only remaining example of a station of precast concrete construction.  Today it is surrounded by tropical gardens and is one of the only 9 stations in Queensland with a fully operational hand level signal cabin.

Arrival at Fresheater Station, I saw Sugarcane Fields.  Freshwater Station was built to characterise the history of the Kuranda Scenic Raiway & Cairns Region.  This was the first poin where 'fresh water' could be obtained by the railway construction team before heading up to the Kuranda edge.

Juranga was the largest field hospital in the Southern Hemisphere during World War II.  Soldiers injuries in the pacific battles were flown here for treatment.  The died soldiers were buried underneath the railway tracks!!

Slowly the train had 180 degree bend (Horseshoe Bend) with 5 chain radius curve and begins the steeps climb from Freshwarer Valley to Kuranda.

We passed total 15 tunnels to Kuranda.
The first tunnel was the first of fifteen hand-carved tunnels, the original plan was for nineteen out of four were replaced as cuttings.  Sand from Barron River and concrete was transported to miles to be forwarded along the cliff- faces to the various worksites.  Life was hard at that time.